Tommy Whalen
Director of Business Management & Educational Outreach

A veritable bundle of positive energy and ideas, Tommy is BridgeThink's example of the modern filmmaker. Living both in LA and Massachusetts and producing work in both regions, Tommy lives the example that there is no distance wide enough to break the ties between creative communities. In April of '09 during the "Building Bridges" film festival in New Bedford, Massachusetts, it was Tommy who was out in front, eager to build a grand utopia of film education and production on both coasts. As BridgeThink's Director of Business Management, it's this enthusiasm for life and learning that maintains a jolt of energy in BridgeThink's mission and provides an open and enthusiastic face to our partners.

As an active screenwriter, Tommy brings his creativity and knowledge to bear in BridgeThink's educational agenda and he will be working closely with the team to establish opportunities for film education over the coming months.

In his mid 20's and able to hang with 70 year old Navy Vets - and have a great time doing it - Tommy is a living bridge between social circles, ready to learn from and share with those he meets.

Consistent with his role on the team, Tommy will be sharing his film discoveries with our readers. Look for Tommy's regular column entitled "Outside The Box" in BridgeThink's Newsletter, as well as the "Outside The Box" category on the Bridge Forum.

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