Ron Scopelliti
Technical Coordinator & Public Relations Advisor

Ron Scopelliti brings a unique skill set to his dual role as BridgeThink’s public relations advisor and technical coordinator. His background in engineering makes him comfortable with technology, while more than a decade in journalism allows him to view news releases and promotional material from an editorial perspective.

A writer from Smithfield, Rhode Island, Ron is co-owner, co-publisher, and co-editor of Your Smithfield Magazine. A former technologist, technical writer, and writing instructor, Ron has been covering local news in northern Rhode Island since 2000. He has received awards from the Rhode Island Press Association as a columnist and for arts and entertainment reporting, and from the New England Press Association for health and science reporting.

Ron holds an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from the Community College of Rhode Island and a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He makes vague promises to someday complete a Master’s Degree in Professional Writing.

In addition to his diverse experience and an uncanny ability to talk about almost any topic on earth, Ron's sense of humor and ability to keep it together when madness swirls around us makes him a balancing force for the BridgeThink team. In fact, when we were putting together the technical end of our first Global Dialogue, "SoCo to SoCal," Ron was there calmly working through the challenge of connecting filmmakers who were 3,000 miles apart! That kind of composure and "know-how" all in one is invaluable!

In his spare time, Ron enjoys mountain biking, photography, and the dynamic tension of sharing a bedroom with a cat and a stray parrot. He plays video games obsessively, finds coffee relaxing, and has disturbingly vivid dreams.















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