Jennifer Raxter
Director of Operations & Liaison to Higher Education

As BridgeThink's Director of Operations, Jen resides at the connection of many bridges. A phenomenal organizer, it's no surprise that she's skippered this group through event after event successfully. More importantly, having earned her Masters degree in Film Studies from Chapman University in Los Angeles and coming from an active South Coast Massachusetts arts family, Jen brings a wealth of creative perspective and global knowledge to her organizational skills. In April of '09 during the "Building Bridges" film festival in New Bedford, MA, it was Jen who kept this ship afloat working tirelessly to achieve a fully rounded experience for the artists, filmmakers, organizations and business partners participating in the event.

Add to that mix her former role of Development Researcher at Wheaton College and now the Director of Annual Giving at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, this makes Jen our point person to higher education. Her dedication to building educational opportunities on multiple levels is a very important factor for the healthy growth of BridgeThink as we establish our overall mission.

Always willing to take on a challenge, and at the same time, challenging the team to choose our steps wisely, Jen takes us to task by demanding the same level of effectiveness inherent to a long established institution.

Did we mention that football is her top passion? So much so, that Sunday afternoons are off limits. But like a great football coach, Jen knows that success requires a total team effort. In her own words, "It takes discipline and respect from everyone involved in order to succeed."
















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