Don Burton
Executive Director

When you combine a B.F.A. in sculpture from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and over 10 years experience working as a creative director and editor in the Los Angeles film industry, you get an individual who's enthusiastic about bridging divides between disciplines and places.

Originally from the South Coast of Massachusetts, Don has continuously strived to bridge the 3,000 miles between the two coasts. In April of 2008 he and a team of bi-coastal professionals produced the film Homeland, a project aimed at transforming a typical production into an inclusive experience for the community. They adopted the motto, "What happens around the film is just as important as the film itself." One year later, Don and the team not only premiered the project in New Bedford, MA where they filmed, but created a venue for other serious filmmakers to show their work and ultimately showcase the creative energy happening in the region. Always with his fine arts degree in mind, Don found a way to create a multimedia, cross-disciplinary event by involving the growing film community in the South Coast of MA, the local arts community as well as local business owners. “Building Bridges to the Homeland” drew 600 people, 19 arts and cultural partners as well as 16 business sponsors and guests from LA and NY and launched

As a creative director and editor Don develops narrative films, DVD featurettes and feature-length documentaries. In 2003, he started a collaboration with The Post Studio in Los Angeles, CA specializing in promotional and marketing campaigns for the entertainment industry with clients that include Universal, Warner Brothers, MGM, Fox and Disney. Together they also develop independent film, design and fine arts projects.

Through his personal and professional experience, Don has found that “global” and “local” are not opposites but are part of each other. Living this philosophy, Don keeps the BridgeThink team's creative energy flowing through his open ability of dialoguing and inspiring us to imagine a world where creators and business connect globally and work to build strong creative communities locally.

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