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ABOUT With "New Media" revolutionizing how viewers get their stories, independent creators are competing with Hollywood for audiences. This live webstream consists of filmmakers in Los Angeles and in the South Coast of Massachusetts. They're discussing the benefits and challenges of making a film regionally as opposed to working near an industry center. This is regional to "resource access" filmmaking! Have a question? Go ahead and ask. Or, email your question to




ANGLES (length 7:29)
Dramatic TV/Web Series
Rab Studios
written by Dan Simoneau & Robert Bartolome, Produced by Allison Freitas, directed by Robert Bartolome


Rab Studios has written and produced four fifty-minute Angles TV episodes chronicling an inner-city gang struggling day-to-day in the streets as they search desperately for hope and a way out. In the midst of violence, drug-running, and many other hardships, the young gang members not only unravel the many sides of ‘hood life, but they discover their own dreams at the same time. This extended "trailer" is Angles in seven minutes.


Rab Studios is a concept-to-final cut production company based in the South Coast of Massachusetts. Their current project, Angles, is fiscally-sponsored by the Filmmakers Collaborative in Boston. In addition to feature films and series, they are extremely active in the music video industry. Because each member brings their own unique element to the team, Rab Studios is able to operate independently, outside of industry borders.

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Filmmakers Alliance & BOI Productions
written and directed by Gabriela Tollman


When do we know the difference between love and sex? Can Intimacy Survive Reality?


Gabriela Tollman is a native of Johannesburg, South Africa and a graduate of U.C.L.A.’s theater and film department. She has been a member of several reputable theater companies and performed in many plays and independent films. She wrote, directed, co-produced and acted in THE LAST GUNSHOT, a short film that played in over 25 festivals and won several awards including The International Cinematographer’s Guild Award, which screened the film at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival. Her short film, YOU TURNED BACK AND HELD MY HAND screened in countless festivals including the 2006 Sundance and Seattle Film Festivals to much acclaim. Tollman has a two year old son and recently completed a short film about pregnancy titled, I DREAM OF NICO. She is currently developing her first feature film THIS FEELING INSIDE and shooting YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO a series of short films about female sexuality.




AMERICANCE (length 5:11)
Shattered Glass Films
written and directed by Chris Hassan


British Clayton is lost in America. He's about to find out being a stranger in small town USA has never been so rough.


Chris is a prolific writer, actor and director who continuously challenges himself in all three fields. A month after graduating from college, he attended the New York Film Academy and has edited cartoons such as Transformers and GI Joe for toy-maker Hasbro through the Rhode Island production company, Tango Pix. He brings to this discussion his unique take on both storytelling and the marketing of his films.

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MY LAST DAY ON EARTH (length 7:53)
Filmmakers Alliance
written & directed by Jacques Thelemaque


A short cinematic "diary" as a young woman whimsically and elliptically takes us through her day and an important transformational moment.

Filmmaker Writeup:

In 1993, Jacques Thelemaque co-founded the non-profit filmmaking collective/community, Filmmakers Alliance and in 2004, he formed the for-profit FA Productions.

His writer-director filmography includes the feature "The Dogwalker" (Los Angeles Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Best First Feature - Cinequest Film Festival), the shorts "Transaction" (Sundance Film Festival, winner of the Grand Prix du Jury Award in the Labo Competition at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival), "Infidelity In Equal Parts" (Sundance Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival), "Egg" (Mill Valley Film Festival, Best Comedy Short - Cinequest Film Festival, Jury Award for Best Short – Methodfest) and "Love Without Socks" (AFI International Film Festival).

In 2005 Jacques was named Chief Community Officer of the festival submission/filmmaker support site, He currently sits on the advisory board of the IFP Emerging Filmmaker Labs as well as the board of The Ashland Independent Film Festival.

Jacques brings a wealth of experience to this discussion, particularly working near an industry while producing independent work. Check out his blog at




LAST SEEN (length 5:46)
Cinemastar Productions
written & directed by Adam P. Cray


Written & filmed in 24 hours for $100, LAST SEEN is a short Hitchcockian thriller filmed entirely on location in an abandoned mill in New Bedford, Massachusetts.


Originally from Massachusetts Adam has worked on the corporate side of the industry in LA for both MGM and 20th Century Fox. As a filmmaker, he's produced most of his short films during trips home to the South Coast of Massachusetts . He brings a "get it done" attitude to his work and connects the bridge between the regional and the "resource access " perspective of filmmaking.

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THE Cycle (length 4:00)
Filmmakers Alliance
written & directed by Amanda Sweikow


The bodies of children glide and bounce on a playground as an unspoken tension rises and swells... until at last, innocence is shattered.


Amanda Sweikow graduated Magma Cum Laude, with a B.A. in Cinema from San Francisco State University. After graduating she moved to Los Angeles where she began interning for Filmmakers Alliance . Amanda immediately immersed herself in all aspects of FA and become a regular staffer. From there, she quickly rose to Vice President and, ultimately, Executive Director. Amanda is an award winning writer/director. Films include “Plus or Minus: A Few Things I Thought I Should Consider” (Winner Best Women’s Short Cleveland International Film Festival), and “THE Cycle” (Ashland Independent Film Festival, Chicago REEL Shorts). She has also produced, “Melancholy Baby”, “Resonance”, “My Last Day On Earth” and “Quetzal”. She is now working on two feature scripts, as well as producing the winner of the Los Angeles Short Filmmaking Grant “David & Goliath”.



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